“The PurMop BLACK® C1 mop system with its mops has been tested by several cleanroom cleaners at different customers, one by one they are extremely enthusiastic and can’t wait to swap the current system for BLACK!” 

The system is so light, it is easy to handle and due to the expandable length it is ideal for cleaning most cleanroom walls and ceilings. The click system for picking up and discarding the mop from the system is also very easy, this means you never have to touch a mop, so there can be no cross-contamination. It is a completely touchless system.  

The improvements made to the mop, such as the larger contact area, allow you to clean more surface area, in fewer movements. The extension at the ends (the integrated wings) allows for better cleaning of corners and edges. The quality of the mop itself is at least as good as before. The mop absorbs and holds dirt very well.  

The fact that this mop is made 100% of recycled materials makes it even more attractive.”